30 years making pilgrimages together.

PERTUR – Travel Agency (CICMA 1240 IATA) focused on Pilgrimages and Religious Tourism for 30 years now, in Europe, Latin America and Holy Land. We operate mainly in the religious field, working with priests and parishioners, religious communities, dioceses, educational institutions, hospitals, associations, movements, magazines and spirituality groups, which we consider our friends.



Custom-made Travelling.

The services we offer range from issuing a simple flight ticket, to organizing and preparing usual destinations, or tailoring “custom-made” trips, beatifications, canonizations, leisure activities, and any other type of event in general.


Today’s Pilgrimages and Religious Tourism.

The pilgrimage means have changed, and nowadays, there is a new style of travelling. The pilgrimage concept itself has changed a lot compared to one during the Middle Ages time, a tiempos ids, to overly pious people, without much culture. Today it resonates different. There are new terms which have been assimilated, like ‘Religious Tourism’, which even the Vatican is using, when people travel due to religious motivations; and when talking about ‘religious motivation’ it does not refer only to a place or building’s nature, but to the main intent that determines a trip. Those who travel due to religious motivations go to meet the sacred, they wish to renew themselves spiritually, fulfil a vow, ask certain graces, and demonstrate their adherence to a creed or religious personality. All without compromising tourist attractions like landscape contemplation, knowledge of other countries and cultures, enjoy monuments, etc., common to general tourism. More specifically: There is no contradiction between the tourist and the religious. We are facing then a new way of going on pilgrimage.

The Religious Tourism “refines the Spirit and enriches it by knowing the others”. It is an invitation to make a pilgrimage, as a new style of travelling, going to the search and encounter with the sacred, fully enjoying so many existing faith and culture roads. Trusting on travel agencies being at your service, but without settling yourself, without becoming attached, simply being a pilgrim, ‘romero’, ‘palmero’. On Leon Felipe’s words:

“Ser en la vida romero, romero… sólo romero. Que no hagan callo las cosas, ni en el alma ni en el cuerpo. Pasar por todo una vez, una vez sólo y ligero, Ligero siempre ligero. Que no se acostumbre el pie a pisar el mismo suelo, Ni el tablado de la farsa, ni la losa de los templos, Para que nunca recemos como el sacristán de los rezos, Ni como el cómico viejo digamos los mismos versos. Que no hagan callo las cosas ni en el alma ni en el cuerpo. Pasar por todo una vez, una vez sólo y ligero”





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